Immo erst zu Immowelt


It’s a chart stormer: the new Immowelt earworm. The search for a bigger home continues. For the first time on the country’s most high-coverage radio stations, listeners are swept away on a musical journey that is a prequel to the prize-winning 2017 campaign. Simply unmissable: Immo immo immo für immoooo ...

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TV ad

Primetime: In Austria, Immowelt continues to be visible on the high-coverage TV stations – an appealing ad that stands out.

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Naturally, there is no shortage of fun on portals such as and


Extensive campaign visibility also via smartphones and tablets through specially adapted formats for mobile terminals.


Advertising motifs are inserted in more than 250 national and supra-regional weekly/daily newspapers and topical magazines – boosting the regional presence for real estate offers.

Social media

Exciting, effective, and that little bit different: be it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – the campaign is garnering enthusiasm in all social networks. Now brand new in snapshot mode on Snapchat too.